Our First Worship God Lord Ganesha
King crown Tattoo
Artist tattooing mini tattoos
Dream in your hand
Revanth Reddy garu……politician the congress leader !
Oldschoolgym a gym coucher tattooed hi gym name!!!
Sweeti Butterfly Tattoo for females.
Bow And Arrow couple  Tattoo
Friendship goals Tattoo Tom, Jerry, and dog.
A Face Portrait
cute Little MickeyMouse
Customer is getting inked with Artist.
The Bull Tattoo.
Sign of Our Religion “OM”
Throw Love Tattoo
A Sparrow Bird
Lord Shiva Thrishul
The Peony Flower
Music symbol tattoo for music lovers.
Kaali matha face structure for Maa Bakthi
Tollywood Actor Power Star Pavan Kalyan
Snake Tattoo
Fish Tattoo
Simple female designs tattoos
Lord littel Ganesha Tattoo
An abstract with geometric lines and compass to built a huge ship
Hand holds heart with emotion and feel
A logo or a structure of a dog to dog lovers mostly
A minimal Band tattoo with certain triangle designs
Heart made with the  finger prints of both couples …… Mean couple tattoo
Full Back Dragon Snake Tattoo
An  Eagle huge bird tattoo half back
Minimal Tattoos  which includes triangle, butterfly, panda and little dots so on…….
Amazing minimal couple  tattoos to surprise there loved once’s
Couple opposite birth dates get tattooed
Little finger tattoos for couples and friends
An half sleeve tattoo with an amazing designed Lord shiva sculpture
Die heart fan of Mahesh Babu got tattooed Indian rupee from the movie “Sarkaru vaari Paata”
Friendship goals with there cheers of wines
“Lord Buddha” over thinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness
‘Butterflies are nature's angels …….’ Small female Tattooz
To look at this kind of creation out here and believe in god is impossible …..”ASTRONAUT GLOBE”
When in doubt, be still, the compass of your soul will tell you the way to go…..’Compass life line with father’.
You can’t stop someone who is hungry for better life…….” LION”.
You can’t criticise geometry, it’s never wrong……..Geometric lines with feathers directions and beautiful flowers.
Take the bull by the horns…….’BULL’
Amazing zodiac sigh which refers to adventurous, Tomboyish & Abrasive …it means {SAGITTRIUS}.sign
How long should you try?……” winner never Quite , and quitters never win.” ……..NEVER GIVE UP
Hope is the feather that reminds us we have wings ……… “Feather”
“ I love you, not for now, but for always.”……..Couple goals.
Very minimal Tattooz and finger Tattooz it may be for friends, couples, relatives, family, etc.
Dogs will understand your pain better than any human………..”Dog Lovers”.
She inked flowers on her forehand and carried magic secrets in her eyes………’ little cute flowers with butterflies flying around’.
Eyes of his loved once in the relationship
Mountains with the sunrise
The Respect to our Nation …….got inked our Indian flag……..”Nation love”
Get inked a signature of there known person as it is ……… one of the other love express!!!
He is all and everything………He is the universe……… “ LORD SHIVA”
It’s like chess, you know. The Queen Saves The King……….” Queen Tattoo”
The profession they do or going to do had got inked in a very minimal tattoo
She got inked the DANDELION BUTTERFLY tattoo
Goddess OM tattoo in a circle mandala which is the symbol of Hindu.
The very amazing couple Tattooz.
Compass with the forest theme and the fox  in between.
Little cute flute seems as  peacock for females.
Lovely cutie pandas one is busy in eating and the other one having a look.
Star with a circle a boldest filling.
Goddess Maa  “DURGA DEVI”
A Foot print tattoo of there baby boy which express the love of his father!
Eagle with a sharp line direction that holding a name MADHU.
Those who walk with god always reach their destination ………Trishul with damarukam, om, & Rudraksha!
I always feel your presence deep in my soul……..’Lord Shiva with Trishul’.
The best is yet to come……….stay positive and good things will happen…….” MANDALA TATTOO”
Full bold snake tattoo on wrist Seems like Warmszon game.
A small flying eagle tattoo.
A letter tattoo with a simple circle & arrow in it!
The Forest Theme with mountains and the indicated symbol “Greater Than less Than”…….’G>^v’.
Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send ,For Know that no one is free.Except Zeus…….”ZEUS PORTRAIT “.
Thunder On A Hot Summer Day Reminds Me That Change Happens When We Least Expect It………” THUNDER”.
‘Never Bend Your Head Always Hold It High’………The Maratha King “ CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ”.
People who do not understand your silence will never understand your words…….”PIKACHU”.
 ‘Loving yourself isn’t Vanity, it’s Sanity’. …………. “Self love”.
Thrishul tattoo customised design
Compass with fox tattoo customised design
Mirchi lighter tattoo with cute colors
Sunrises with OM praises to lord shiva
God Saibaba portrait tattoo
Eagle tattoo on sleeve
Lion portrait tattoo on chest
Butterfly angel tattoo for women
Double portrait Tattooz love on mother and father there world
Radha Krishna portrait tattoos
Lord shiva customised tattoo
Mahankali customised tattoo
Sri Laxmi Narasimha customised tattoo
Fox with forest theme
Compass tattoo
Minimal dog tattoo
Baby foot print tattoo with all the information
Photo portrait tattoo
Mother love tattoo
Anchor tattoo
N letter customised tattoo
Om Sri namo Venkateshaya namo Namalu tattoo
Flower design tattoo
Flowerist design tattoo
Little flowerist tattoo
Friendship tattoos
Tom and jerry tattoo
Small eagle tattoo
Small bird tattoo
Trishul tattoo
Minimal elephant tattoo
Lord shiva half sleeve tattoo
Face portrait tattoo
Rose coverup tattoo
Lips coloured tattoo
Lord Krishna legs with flute tattoo
Flute tattoo
Om Sri Namo Venkateshaya Namalu Tattoo
Coverup tattoo with rose and half mandala
Minimal arrow tattoo
Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa Tattoo full back
Name tattoo with customised design
Raccoon dog tattoo on leg
Sister and brother love world tattoo
Permanent eye brow tattoo
Siblings tattoo of mom and dad
Friends minimal tattoos
Trishul with om tattoo
Coloured butterfly tattoo on foot leg
Minimal tattoo of smile
Female flower design
Minimal fish tattoo
Customised fox tattoo on upper sleeve
Chrysanthemum flower with water flow and connected lord shiva tattoo on half sleeve
Chrysanthemum flower with water flow
Customised name and date of birth tattoo
Thrishul tattoo with lord shiva eyes customised design
Healed shot tattoo
Lord shiva tattoo with universe
Haynna Mask Face tattoo
Labrador dogs tattoo customised design
Limi dog portrait tattoo
Tofu dog portrait tattoo
Kaali Maa Cover Up Tattoo
Cover up ship tattoo