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Have you ever seen a beautiful art on someone's skin? Are you aware of tattooing? If you are interested to do tattooing then you must know about temporary and permanent art work on your skin. Also which one is better for you. Here we will tell you why temporary Tattoo is more adopted now -a-days.



Going for a Tattoo is really special. But in some cases it may cause hamper to your carrier . So to overcome such problems we are here with ‘ Tattoo Removing’ process. Now a days people are facing problems in new sectors of jobs like Government, Army ,Aviation , etc . Just a tattoo should not make such people look back. To over come those problems we are providing a laser treatment which is known as TATTOO REMOVAL IN HYDERABAD .This helps in erasing a permanent tattoo completely. People with new ideas can also remove the tattoos and replace it with a new one instead of covering the old one.


Piercing Tattoo

During the process of piercing you can feel higher amount of pain, so it is very important to have your strong Anti-eyebrow Piercing

Are you the person who is wishing to have a kind of piercing on your face? Have you ever seen a person with anti-eyebrow piercing? Or are you interested to know more about this kind of piercing which looks gorgeous. All your doubts are explained here regarding Anti-eyebrow piercing. How this type of piercing is done. What is the different jewellery you can wear? What is the different procedure to do this piercing? The healing you feel and the time duration of healing. What are the pain factors that affect the surface piercing? And also we tell you what the different ways of aftercares are.

Tattoo aftercare:
1.   Remove Bandage within 3 Hours.
2.   Wash the tattoo with Antibacterial soap 
      {Dettol soap (or) Dettol hand wash} with luke warm water for 3 days.
3.   Clean the tattoo well Making sure all the Plasma is removed.
4.   You can gently dab & Dry your tattoo with a cotton cloth or Tissues.
5.   Let your tattoo dry for the next 3 days { Apply light layer of calendula cream}.
6.   Do not pick scabs forming on your tattoo, Even when it gets itchy. If you do so, you might damage it causing the tattoo          to   fade.
7.   Do not wear bangles,watches (or) goddess threads.
8.   Do Not expose to sun, Avoid soaking under water for 3 weeks and no swimming for a month.